Outlet - About Us

Outlet Residential is part of the Outlet Property Group, finding people places to live since 1995, set up and run by property entrepreneur Josh Rafter.

More importantly, Outlet is all about YOU. We specialise in putting together those looking for rooms, flats or house, to share or rent, with those offering them. Perfect for singles, couples or families, we’re also LBGT friendly. And while many of our listings are in London, there are plenty more all over the UK. So whether you want a city flat share or are looking for tenants for a house share in the country, you can find just what you’re after.

Why our unique geo-location system makes a big difference

We’re also very user-friendly. Actually we’re entirely user-run, with the help of our unique geo-location system. You simply upload your details, and it gets to work, matching you with whoever you specify (such as flatmate, housemate or tenant).

Even better, you can specify a location without knowing exactly where it is. Sounds crazy? Not if you want to move to an unfamiliar area. Most listings on our competitors’ sites are by administrative area, so if, for example there’s something perfect nearby, but listed under a different area name, you could easily miss it.

However with us, you can find a listing within a set radius of your search location. Easy! Better than that, when a suitable match comes up, we’ll send you an email alert. You can then connect directly with your ideal roommate, tenant or landlord. So no need to keep trawling and trawling the listings like with most online house or flat share sites. That said, if you have any issues or questions, we’re always ready to help.

Incidentally, if you’d like to meet up with your potential landlord, tenant or room-mate first, or check up on useful stuff like the legalities, then have a look at our Outlet Flat Dating site

Try us and see for yourself

Why not try our unique geo-location system yourself? Just type in a location in the box at the top of the home page. It works for anywhere in the world, not just London or the UK. Ok, so you won’t find many flat shares in Timbuktu yet, but maybe one day…

Then, once you’re ready to add a listing, simply sign up or, for more information, contact us